Two glasses of champagne on a table next to a christmas tree.

Christmas Champagne


  • Champagne – of your choice

  • Cranberries – to garnish (around 6 medium ones for each glass)

  • Cocktail Sticks – the number of cocktail sticks should match the number of glasses you wish to serve


      1. Skewer your cranberries on your cocktail sticks. You should use 6 medium ones for each stick… more or less…

      1. Put the cocktail sticks inside your glasses and pour the champagne on top of them.

Prep time: 5 min

Total time: 5 min


  • If you want to use strawberries instead of cranberries, feel free to do so and just use the same technique to skewer them and add them to your drink.

Tip: If you decide to go with strawberries instead of cranberries, then a good tip that will help your cocktail look even prettier and that will also enhance the flavor of your drink, would be to cut the strawberries in half lengthways and after that skewer them and add them to your glasses. That way the flavor from the fruits will steep into the champagne and will enhance its flavor and the skewers will look very elegant as well…

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Enjoy! 🙂


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