A pineapple being splashed with water on a black background.

15 Health Benefits of Pineapple

      1. It’s a rich source of vitamin C and A.

      1. It’s high in fiber.

      1. It fights many diseases and protects us against heart disease.

      1. It’s rich in anti-oxidants.

      1. It helps break down food.

      1. It maintains strong bones.

      1. It prevents coughs and colds.

      1. It reduces hypertension.

      1. It’s anti-inflammatory.

      1. It’s low in calories.

      1. It improves fertility.

      1. It prevents asthma.

      1. It helps mental health.

      1. It helps fight cancer.

      1. It aids in digestion.

Authors: Dr. Axe – Food & Medicine / EatHealthyLiveFit.com / Pinterest

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